Frequently asked questions and answers

Nothing. The registration is free for you as a doctor or a medical specialist.

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We have offers for resident doctors, specialists, senior physicians, consultants, senior consultants, chiefs of department and other medical specialists, like radiology assistants, midwives or laboratory assistants.

Your resume (CV) is the most important document in Germany. Without a perfect resume according to German standards, you will have nearly no chance of success. We know which rules and requirements to be considered and we will help and support you.

We know the regulations of all federal laws and rules in Germany and we have a great knowledge and experience in this. We check your documents and give you helpful tips for free. And if you want, we can get you in touch with specialists (i.e. specialist lawyers for medical law) who will be glad to support you.

This is certainly possible via your direct request to hospitals. We particularly recommend german university hospitals. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange these internships or hospitations.

All job advertisements in Germany must be provided with this addition, so that nobody feels discriminated . "m" stands for male - "f" stands for female and "d" stands for diverse and is intended to protect intersexual people. "d" does not mean that you have to be German to get this position!

Yes, definitely! The curriculum vitae (CV) is the most important document in Germany. Read more... "Common CV Mistakes".

In Germany, a large number of doctors with their own private doctor's office retire because of their age. They cannot find a colleague who is buying their doctor's office. It’s a generation problem. This endangers outpatient care in many regions of Germany. As a specialist there are many options for you in Germany. Buying or taking over a doctor's office or an employment in a doctor's office, medical center or MCC are very good options and very easy to realize.

Yes, it's actually a lot easier than you think. It is required to have the German approbation, specialization and to have an entry into the medical register. If you fulfill these requirements you are ready to buy a private doctor's office. Financing the purchase price with a credit is very easy. Our partner, a bank, only for doctors and specialized on this, knows all steps and will be happy to make you an offer.

This job has excellent working conditions.

This job is offered by a hospital to which we have already referred a large number of doctors.